Aqua Miek (Swimming Lessons)
Swimming Lessons by Aqua Miek
Aqua Miek provides swimming lessons for young children aged 3-7.
We understand that working parents often don't have time to do all they need to do. That is why we provide transport to and from lessons, from selected schools only. All drivers have a valid professional driving permit (PDP).
Our goal is to improve confidence and self-reliance in the water and to encourage the development of physical skills. Attention is given to the refinement of the four strokes: Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Free Style.
There are huge physical benefits to swimming, such as the full-body cardiovascular and respiratory workout. This develops a child's stamina, flexibility and muscle strength using the water as resistance—and also builds their concentration. Children who swim tend to be stronger and more co-ordinated.
We provide a 30 Minute session once a week. We ensure a safe and comfortable environment as all lessons will be done on our Sinoville Branch premises.

Please Note*

Aqua Miek (Swimming Lessons) is an  Extra-Curricular Activity For all learners, and requires enrollment and a monthly fee.


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